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Dearest Mother

Can you find my extra Missing Pieces and Love Blind DVDs? They should be in one of the boxes by the window. Probably one of the boxes on the left. The Missing Pieces DVD has a photo of me on it. Love Blind is in a plastic, see-thru envelope with the eyes of a ghost on it. If you can, send a copy of each to Anthonette and send a copy of each to the London address. I'll call you about that one if Charley hasn't given you the address. Global priority shipping should be cheap.

Sorry folks... time zones... couldn't call my mum at 1am. I'm trying to get some film ideas brewing. In the meantime, I'm still shopping around my past work. I keep handing out my card that says "filmmaker" but I haven't been making any. Feels weird. I'm thinking about making different cards for Anthonette to bring to me in Rome.

Did I ever mention how I left my big backpack in Barcelona while I traveled the rest of Spain? This bag had two items I missed- Tylenol and nail clippers. My nails grew really uncomfortably long. You'd never imagine being so pleased to trim your nails but I was. Typing feels less abrasive now.

I just read an article on Yahoo that says Moscow is ranked as the most expensive city in the world again. Super. I'll be using FeedTony sponsors heavily me thinks.

I was discussing FeedTony with my brother and he thinks that it may be giving people the impression that I've been living lavishly. The truth is, I don't really post about the less than fabulous meals I eat regularly. In Spain, I've been eating a lot of tortillas which is a potato and egg type omelet thing. You can find them all over the place and they're very difficult to make badly so it's pretty consistently tasty and filling.

While I travel, I find some sort of cheap item that I subsist on (Subway sandwich in Ireland, paninos in France, beer in Barcelona...) and I splurge on a nice meal if I can find one, it's not always easy. FeedTony makes me feel a bit guilty sometimes but as long as the donor and the donee are happy, why not right? While I'm at it, let me just say thanks to those of you who've been helping me out so I can have more options while I travel. It's nice to have breathing room in the budget for cheap flights I find on

I'm switching hostels right now and moving over to the SeaPoint by the beach. Today, if it doesn't rain again, I'm hoping to tour a bunch of Antoni Gaudi sites around Barcelona. Maybe I'll even snap some photos.

Here's some google mapping that I've been messing around with on Round the World


4 Responses to “Dearest Mother”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Well, Tony, I can't speak for everyone else, but I know from experience how expensive it is to eat anywhere decent no matter what country you're in.

    I also know that eating the local "grab-n-go" cheapie food (hello baguette sandwiches in Paris!) can get real old, real fast.

    And now I think I can speak for everyone (well, except that lame ass Critical Guy) when I say that we want you to enjoy yourself on this trip (you deserve it!!!!), and it makes us feel good to have the opportunity to help you do just that.

    And that is why so many of us out here happily support So eat up! =)

    P.S. Don't you owe me a copy of Missing Pieces too? =P  

  2. # Blogger Tony

    Who do I owe a copy of Missing Pieces? Those things were super limited edition so you better let me know before I started spreading the last copies around the globe.

    Thank you for your kind words.,  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous it just me or sometimes I read it as

    It almost sounds like Tony is in bondage, and he needs to be FREED somehow. Do you think that Tony will finally be freed and liberated after his trip?

    It is a little expensive, though, don't you think to be freed in this way?

    Hey, maybe you should try therapy, Tony. It's less expensive that way, don't you think?

    Mid-life crisis. Tony, are you suffering a mid-life crisis? I just have to ask, you know! (Just to make sure)  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Well, I don't know who wrote the second "Wheeze Some Grindage" comment, but I wrote the first one. Damn, I can't believe I forgot to sing it. Duhhhhhh ...  

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