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Biking Guangxi

China: still amazing. Off to the Longji rice terraces.

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24 Responses to “Biking Guangxi”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It's NOT a particular place that will make you happy; but rather, it's the people that you are with that will make you happy. Thus, it follows that you can be at home and have good company and be happy; or you can be sad and troubled even in paradise without the right kind of people.

    I am sad to see how you are wasting the hard earned tax dollars of your friends and families. You should be ashamed of yourself. Really.

    Incidentally, what's the purpose of you're taking this tour again?  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I CAN'T believe you made fun of another culture like that by making fun of their ancient and cultural names. Subconsequently, you have neither grace nor dignity disrespecting other people's cultures and their names.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Shilpa: Despite your inestimably cutesy attempt to cope with Tony, I now understand why you broke up with him. To be with a man without a future is onerous.

    Charley: You must be very disappointed with your little brother Tony.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You should just post a picture of your wife here. I tried sending you the email you asked for through your email account at Hope you got the email.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    shut the fuck up you worthless piece of shit.


  6. # Blogger Unknown

    You're a fucking asshole and you're too much of a pussy to come out in the open. Why don't you give me your e-mail address or phone # so I can have a conversation with you.


  7. # Blogger Unknown

    btw Tony I am going to China Oct 31-Nov14th. It's too bad cuz I think I'll miss you (I'll be in Beijing) and I think you'll be in Cambodia. And I ain't walking down that far south!


    ps. Anonymous - fuck you asshole  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I agree with Donovan!!

    You really shouldn't speak about things you have no idea about.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Shilpa: Au Contraire. I do know what you went through with Tony and I also have an idea of what you are doing through now.

    Donovan: You can't dispute the fact that Tony blatantly mocked and made fun of other culture from watching the video. You obviously have not seen the recent YouTube video.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Donovan: Why don't you learn to speak and think like an educated man:

    Call me anytime,

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Donovan: Why don't you learn to speak and think like an educated man:

    Call me anytime,

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous - Post your email on here and I'll send you that picture. But why the fuck would I send you a picture of my wife you dumb fuck. Funny how you couldn't even call me when I put my number on here.

    And fuck your culture or whatever offended you. Get a fucking life. I can't wait to kick your fucking ass. The only thing that I'm disappointed with is your attitude and the fact that you don't have my shoe up your ass right now. But you'll hide behind a web blog I'm sure. Oh did I say it already, fuck you, your family and your culture. I don't give a fuck about your fucking sorry ass culture. If it was so great, go the fuck back there and do something about it. No, you'll hide in the United States where you are comfortable.

    Like I have mentioned before, come out of hiding you fucking Taliban mother fucker. Because I have nothing but time to fuck you up. It's going to hurt your mother's pussy how hard I fucking kick your ass later.  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I am going to call you up right now, what's your numbers?  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Oh shit!! I'm putting you on blast sorry ass. This sorry ass mother fucker isn't even a doctor. I am laughing my ass off. I called your number and looked you up. You are a fucking CALL CENTER MANAGER for UCI medical center. NO you aren't a physician but a wanna be. Even the operator was laughing about your ass.

    You are so phony I love it. Man you really had me going for a minute. But now I know you have a fucked up life. Your parents must be really disappointed with your career choice. I mean really going to UCI and becoming a call center operator. Come on man. Now it explains why you are always on here. I guess I would be bored out of my mind too. I actually feel sorry for you.

    Hey come up here to Oakland I can find you a job on 98th Ave sucking some dick!!

    Donovan, this guy has been fronting the whole time. Well he had his fun.

    I'm still going to kick his ass when I get down there again. I actually know a few UCI physicians down there so when I visit again, I'll bring that shoe for your asshole.

    Oh and you don't get my number unless you look it up in the archives, dumb ass. I knew you wouldn't leave a real number behind but thanks for the clues. It was actually much more entertaining this way. If you are so compelled, go back and look for the number. I just don't give out my number to any ole bitch like you. You have to earn it whore.

    Let me say sorry now. For bitch slapping you later. I'll be gentle but I'm sure your bitch Mom is going to feel it too.

    Can you tell I'm not as cordial as Tony. Did you really think that I would just sit idle and let you talk shit about family? Primarily why you are going to get bitch slapped.


  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    MD stands for mentally deficient! Not medical doctor. What a loser.  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Nice one Charley!  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I want to tell you about Huon. He's the man, let's me tell you. Whenever you are eating out at a restaurant, use his technique. I saw him do it in person:

    (Huon just walked up to this beautiful woman sitting across from our table, and he said to the BEAUTIFUL woman right front of the whole crowd at the restaurant)

    Huon: Tell you what...let's split a meal...I will have half of what you ordered and you can have my half.

    Beautiful Woman: (Instantly, she just smiled. We were shocked!).

    Huon: So, what is your numbers?

    Beautiful Woman: Why? (Still smiling)

    Huon: Because the next time we're buying us dinner.

    Beautiful Woman: Okay. (She immediately wrote down her numbers on the paper napkins!)

    Huon's the man!!!  

  18. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "What is your numbers"



  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "learn to speak like an educated man"

    LOL Bitch I'm probably more educated than your whole immediate family put together.

    ps. I called, it's a call center. Who do I ask for? I need your first and last name, I asked for HUON and they wanted me to give your last name.  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This guy is probably in Bangladesh at his Call Center. I give up. Have a nice evening, everyone.

    I'm looking forward to Tony's welcome back bash in when he gets back to the US.  

  21. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tony, (What they said is true)
    Your precipitate job resignation in anticipation of your world tour not only costs you a steady pay-check but also a future.

    That you seem to somehow believe you will find a job quickly enough to pay back all your debt is ipso facto a demonstration of your intellectual infectivity.

    You have a penchant for cursing people out.  

  22. # Blogger Tony

    Whenever I get back to the States, we can sit down and speak face to face, Mr. Anonymous. If you're not willing to be completely honest about who, what, and where you are, then keep your ass off of my blog.  

  23. # Anonymous Anonymous


    As much as I enjoy your ridiculous ramblings, I really encourage you to take Tony’s advice and stay off his blog. Sure, come and check out what he’s up to in order to get your daily fix, just like the rest of us; it truly is a wonder all Tony has been able to do in such a short time, and we should all enjoy and celebrate his regular updates. However, keep your comments to yourself.

    It must be fun to pester all the people who really care about Tony and want to wish him well on his journey; I bet that there is a thrill to get so much attention. But the bottom line is that it must suck to be so poorly regarded. I know my self-esteem would bottom out if I took such harsh words so frequently. Maybe it would be better to surround yourself with people who are more complimentary. Go find people who care about you, not just people who give you attention.

    As you go, though, I feel badly that studying for your SATs has been going so poorly as of late. I wish we could help more. You showed such promise early on with your big words; I was almost impressed. Although your use seemed forced, I was counting on you figuring out how to use those words properly. But lately, your form has suffered so much that it is becoming laughable. I am beginning to pity your feeble attempts at appearing intelligent. In the end, it makes your condescending tone sound weak.

    As you go to your next blog, here’s a tip or two. Use words you are comfortable with; try to make sure you have a grasp on their proper use before stringing them together. If you want to test the boundaries of a word’s definition, try checking to see if other people use the word so, or have a friend or colleague read for acceptability. Foreign phrases and legal terms of art should be avoided unless you are positive as to their meaning. Just say what you mean without trying to sound smarter than you are. Unless you are exceptionally crafty, you just end up embarrassing yourself. I suppose that is where the anonymity helps.

    Once you find a group that cares, though, keep that philosophy flowing. That’s some good stuff. It may be comedic banter to us, but I am sure that someone out there subscribes to it. Best of luck.


  24. # Blogger Unknown

    Charley, pick me up on your way down to UCI to slap this dumb ass up. I don't read the comments much, but dude if fucking annoying. Let's roll.


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