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Travel Planning

Hi, just wanted to give all my peeps the heads up on my travel plans for the next uh, six months. I sat in a museum cafe here in Athens and checked the itinerary. Here are my arrival dates, airport city, times, and days spent in each locale:

Greece (Athens) July 22 (19 Days)
----> Egypt (Cairo) July 31 - 3:25am (5 Days)
----> Greece (Corfu) Aug. 5 - 9:30am (3 Days)
India (Delhi) Aug. 10 - 7:20am (17 Days)
Japan (Tokyo) Aug. 27 - 3:00pm (15 Days)
China (Beijing) Sept. 10 - 1:15pm (24 Days)
Thailand (Bangkok) Oct. 3 - 12:50pm (19 Days)
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) Oct. 21 - 4:40pm (43 Days, incl Laos, Cambodia)
Australia (Sydney) Dec. 3 - 11:05am (21 Days)
New Zealand (Wellington) Dec. 23 - 2:50pm (16 Days)
Hawaii (Honolulu) Jan. 8 - 8:15pm (13 Days)
California (SFO) Jan. 20 - 8:21pm (?? Days)

The only major change that I'm looking at now is extending the Australia trip to spend New Year's Eve there. Or if crazy friends/family want to meet up in Hawaii for NYE, I could shorten Aus and NZ to end up there but who's got the cash to do that?

After doing the count, looks like I have less time in Greece and India than I thought. The Russia detour and Iran cancellation threw things off a bit. Blame Azad.


9 Responses to “Travel Planning”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Days of Tony's trip so far: 120
    Days remaining of Tony's trip: 250
    Tony's still a virgin: PRICELSS

    You're a joke. Your whole life is a joke. What you gonna do when you return? (No plan!) You're gonna be stuck in San Jose or Oakland just like your brother Charley.

    Try sending out your resume to your potential employers and at the same time tell them this: "oh yeah, I suddenly decided to quit my job one morning to travel around the world."

    See then if they care. See then if that will help you land a job that way. You're pathetic!

    You gonna be all wrinkled up from toasting in the sun and look like a 40 years old due to sleep deprivation...and oh yeah a virgin.

    Get real, brother.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Truly yours, Elbert Lim! DJ Hall of Fame. Take that, Tony!  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm living the dream in Oakland, bitch! You're stuck reading this blog you pathetic whore. Remember you're our bitch!! I didn't think you could put your name to the comment.

    Like I have said before, "Man up to your comments and call me." But I forgot that you can't defend yourself and hide behind words on a blog. Come and tell the rest of my "brothers" that they are wasting their time. At least we are doing things with our lives. You just keep jerking off to internet porn. HAHAHA.

    Please be original or go to another blog.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Elbert you are a fat bastard with a little dick.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Some of the best interview conversations I have ever had began with the interviewer prompting: "Tell me about something that is not on your resume." You will have a stockpile to share.
    Ignore those who are so short-sighted as to overlook the value of your journey. I know it is hard...I have trouble ignoring. But I take solace knowing that feeble minds cannot be expected to comprehend.
    Venture on!


  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Couple things. While you keep pressing for "originality", I don't even have a clue of it means. Do you mean to keep on leaving obsequious remarks for Tony and telling him that the sky will always be blue and that everything is going to be ok. Is that your idea of being "original"? But, haven't you considered that everything costs money? Doesn't it cost a load of money to have health and dental insurances for your children? I am sure everyone is just too afraid to post how they truly feel about your trip, Tony.

    But, anyway you have your life and I have mine. Here's proof that Tony is doing it all wrong:

    1. He said he wants to meet/talk to people and establish long lasting relationships with them. This is NOT possible when you can't even stay at one place for more than a month. In fact, the biggest complain people have regarding the inability to build a solid/meaningful relationship is that they move all the times. Being normadic is not going to help your cause.

    2. The scorching heat make people to want to stay indoor, not out. If you are outside for too long being exposed to the sun, you are going to develop chronic skin disease. You will find yourself walking alone in the heat.

    3. I guess a final point here is that Tony ultimately wants to be inspired and motivated again; to FEEL something, so to speak. It can be explained in psychological terms. He has an innate need to connect with people everywhere. But, man, this is not the way to do it. You fail to plan. You didn't plan to fail. I know you. And you are a good guy. It is true.

    4. Cost. It gets expensive when you don't have a plan to offset the costs incur during any trip--much less a trip of this magnitude.

    5. And for argument sake, let's say Tony does meet someone on his trip. Then what? Is he going to make it a long-distant relationship with her? Clearly, you guys are not helping him to think long-term!

    Lastly, a true friend is NOT someone who will agree with you with everything you do and say. A true friend is someone who criticizes you for your faults. That's the definition of a true friend.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "2. The scorching heat make people to want to stay indoor, not out. If you are outside for too long being exposed to the sun, you are going to develop chronic skin disease. You will find yourself walking alone in the heat."

    What is this a second grade argument? You went to college (supposedly) and this is your #2? There is such a novel thing as sitting under the shade or sitting under an umbrella.

    Who the heck are you to judge how Tony lives his life? Are you his father or mother? Do you have a crystal ball and clairvoyantly know exactly where the yellow brick road ends? Are you a career counselor with 20 years of experience? Are you in the same creative profession as Tony? I highly doubt any of these statements apply to you "uci." And how are you then qualified?

    He is taking a creative risk, a necessary risk for his field; if you truly understand his true goals then you would support him and not pester him; but obviously with your kindergarten mentality, and thick headedness, it's flagrantly clear that you are full of yourself.

    Follow this reasoning...
    If you want to do society some good, why don't YOU volunteer for the peace corp, be a teacher or mentor, and help out at your local food bank. No? Don't like the sound of that? Too lazy?

    Good, reverse psychology 101. This proves that I don't have the right to tell YOU how to live your life either. Free will, it's a beautiful life concept; get use to it in a democratic society. Tony's living his life the way he wants to, what's yours?

    Oh and stfu,


    P.S. Tony, you're meals are going to be sponsered for thailand.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You tools (and you know who you are) are the very definition of small-minded.

    I'll save you the trouble of looking it up.

    Main Entry: small-mind·ed
    Pronunciation: 'smol-'mIn-d&d
    Function: adjective
    1 : having narrow interests, sympathies, or outlook
    2 : typical of a small-minded person : marked by pettiness, narrowness, or meanness

    Now go away.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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