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Arrival in San Sebastian

Took a long train ride through the Spanish countryside and arrived safely in San Sebastian. It´s 10pm and I have some exploring to do. Free internet at the hostel. Hopefully I´ll take some new photos for ya.


13 Responses to “Arrival in San Sebastian”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    A stream of invectives pouring from Shila's mouth is an indication that she is poorly schooled and mannered.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    All your films are done on ludicruously low buget and edited at breakneck speed, how on our good earth do you expect to make anything that is even worth watching, Tony?  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dear YB:
    Your dreadful work days are a direct result for your lack of motivation to excel in school during your academic career, assuming you did study in college hopefully. I lament for your frustration with life. I really am.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    you really am what? bored? we can all tell...  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You people are Wack! A bunch of Hannibal Lecter's.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dear YB:

    Try using the proper English grammar the next time around. It would compensate for your otherwise lackluster look. As for the money, I am making enough and I have already seen the Seven Wonders of the World. Hope that satisfied your curiosity...  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Please learn how to spell my name before you insult me.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Quite the contrary, I am not insulting you. I am merely reminding you that the truth sometimes hurt. You were always haunted by the ghosts of your past. Isn't that also true?  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tony’s EU Adventure!!!

    10:15AM Tony was questioned and patted down for suspicious activities by the Paris police because Tony has spent the night sleeping in the Park. Paris authority finally released Tony because no weapons were found on Tony. “Monsieur, thank you for your cooperation,” was the last words spoken to Tony by the French authority.

    12:11PM During lunch, Tony decide to deliberately pick on the Canadian girl sitting across him. Tony wanted to see how far he could push her by disagreeing with everything she has to say; for example, “You’re wrong!” or “Oh you are just so naïve!” The Canadian girl naturally got profusely mad, yet she is still can’t get away from not talking to Tony. She found him irresistible, to say the least.

    3:20PM Tony met up with Tonya. And even though she has a boyfriend, she has agreed to meet Tony at 5:00 to chat with him. He likes Tonya. The conversation became an hour long, at least; and before Tonya was about to say anything further Tony disappeared into the busy street of Paris, leaving Tonya alone and helpless.

    8:30PM Tony casually ran into Polly. “She was pretty,” Tony thought to himself.  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Man! I keep on coming back for the comments. I am laughing so hard I am falling off of my chair!!!  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tony, while you slept fittingly under the illusion of peace, you must remember that once your trip is over you are going to be just as confused as you first began the journey.  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Ultimately, love is not something to be found. One cannot travel far and beyond looking for love, comfort, and the like. There is something very magical about love, for when it happens you will experience a fire sensation within you. For many, it is very difficult to find their other half whom they can love. You just have to hope and pray that there is someone for every one out there. For your love to happen, the stars and and moon have to align themselves in perfect harmony.  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    or you can just buy love. then you can leave it when you want. You don't have to pray for it. Praying is like wishing it will happen.  

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