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Heathrow Peep Show

I hopped a flight on British Airways to Paris today via London Heathrow's Terminal 4. I was randomly (I like to think it's because I'm so handsome) chosen for a Rapiscan. If you haven't heard of this thing, it's basically a full body x-ray that can virtually see right through your clothes to search for weapons. (The photo is not me. My gut is bigger and my... nevermind)

The application of this new x-ray technology to airport screening uses high energy x-rays that are more likely to scatter than penetrate materials as compared to lower-energy x-rays used in medical applications. Although this type of x-ray is said to be harmless it can move through other materials, such as clothing.

A passenger is scanned by rastering or moving a single high energy x-ray beam rapidly over their form. The signal strength of detected backscattered x-rays from a known position then allows a highly realistic image to be reconstructed. Since only Compton scattered x-rays are used, the registered image is mainly that of the surface of the object/person being imaged.

They make you stand and turn your body in different directions while they take three body scans. There's one guy instructing you (who assured me it was safe) and one guy in a booth checking for weapons and penis size. If you pass, you're either escorted to the front of the baggage x-ray line and/or offered a contract in porn films. I wish I had asked to peek at what the guy behind the curtain was getting a peek at.

As my flight was landing, I forgot I was landing in Paris and for a few seconds had that sensation of relief that you get when you're landing back home. That was a bummer. But as soon as the flight attendant welcomed us to Paris, I had that oo la la feeling again. There's something very romantic about coming to this city. A bit later I was on the train to Valentina's and I started to see all of the cute French girls again. Not bad. Except it was starting to rain. Great.

And then I saw it. The Eiffel Tower from Val's street. I couldn't help but smile.


10 Responses to “Heathrow Peep Show”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Anon is hilarious! Although the comments could not be described as diaphanous, it is certaily droll.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Agree. Anon had the effrontery to edify Tony in ways of life. It needs not cast a dyspeptic view on your trips. Stay ebullient.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is great! I am learning new words every day.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    diaphanouseffronterydyspepticebullient-umm i like to look at the pictures  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My elegy is about preparation and preparedness; it urges you to be productive and fruitful. No wonder you only graduated from UCI with a Social Studies degree that leads to nowhere. You could have been doctors, lawyers, and school teachers like us. Pity. Do not dither through life like that any longer. Your cloying affection about a fanciful world is making me ill. Have a cogent conviction about life-choices. Not having any structure in your own life is the same as condoning the air of procrastination. I could advocate using food to assuage your loneliness, but it only adulterates its purpose. And the picture looks’s for your own good, Tony.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Dan! Tony's been singled out!!! Dude leave Tony alone. Don't make me come and do Shiatsu on your ass.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Poor Tony.  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tony: Some say that time is cyclical and that history inevitably repeats. Your will is your own. Don't bow to fate.  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    As harsh as it may sounded, Anon has a point. Are you going to boomerang back home and live with your parents when your 8 months of fun is over?  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Keep on trekking. Sounds like you have some jealous little bitches blogging on here. I'm not going to break out the thesaurus here. I guess some people are taken back by our free spirited nature. And apparently some people have parents that stressed that going to school meant that they had to reach a certain income level or societal respect.

    I say fuck them all then. If you can't take reading Tony's blog and commenting on something positive, try and give me a call. I'll put a fat size 10 1/2 in your ass and you'll then need a doctor and a lawyer.

    Oh, this is his brother Charley for all you Anonymous bitches out there.

    I know Tony wouldn't and doesn't appreciate the harsh words from me or your jealous comments either. And on a personal note, someone must be jealous of Tony wanting to meet some woman out there. I know for certain that many if not all of you have had a time that you wish you could have walked up to someone to strike a conversation but you had a little dick and couldn't do it.

    So if you have some balls put your name to your comment and I'll make sure you get to hear from me.

    Sorry Tony, I can't stand sorry little jealous bitches bitching about what you should do or not do. Fuck bro, remember this, their sorry ass couldn't do it. And especially alone. They are sitting at their computer wishing they could be you right now. I know as I work tonight, I wish I could be on a 8 month long trek across the world. Oh but I must go back to school to become some lawyer or Doctor. Yeah right!!

    Your brother, Charley

    PS: You know I had to get that off my chest. Bring it on if you have the balls or ovaries.  

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