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Mornin'. Okay, it's actually 6pm in Spain but I've totally lost track. I woke up early this morning to hike out to a consulate in Barcelona. It was a very confusing experience where I was trying to complete a transaction where two languages were spoken, neither of which I knew a lick of. But paperwork and money exchanged hands and in two weeks, I may take a little birthday detour somewhere unexpected.

Back at the hostel, I met a Canadian named Katrina who was telling me about her trek through the Greek isles. We took a walk down La Rambla and had the worst meal of both of our journeys. It wasn't bad as in sickening, just bad as in "we paid how much for this? But the people watching, attempted theft**, and ridiculously large mug of 'juice' made it enjoyable.

I haven't done too much exploring in Barcelona so far. I've basically stuck around the big street that leads to the ocean called La Rambla. Full of tourists. But very beautiful ones at that. I wasn't sure if I would find a place with cuter girls than Paris but alas, Barcelona has provided. The tourists, the locals... my goodness, heaven.

For the second time on my trio I've encountered a pair of girls who look like want-a-be models and insist on having model-like photo shoots in front of old buildings and things. I'm not complaining. It's just odd. I actually wonder if they are models and this is how models go on holiday, non-stop posing in different cities.

I'm only booked in this hostel, the Centric Point which a fantastic hostel by the way, until tomorrow morning. So I either have to figure out where to stay tomorrow night or figure out how to move on to San Sebastian (I have to fly out of Barcelona so I'm thinking that I will see some other cities in Spain first and spend more time exploring Barcelona when I come back for my next flight). There's so much of Spain to see and I clearly haven't given myself enough time here. If I had the money, I'd spend a few months here and probably come home with a wife. Maybe it's a good thing to keep moving along.

Did I mention all of the trouble I've had with plastic lately? I thought I had lost my Visa card today. (Reception had forgotten to give it to me in all of the check-in commotion) It didn't worry me so much but when you have no mailing address. These things are an unnecessary inconvenience. Let's see. 6:30pm... Barcelona. What to do? Let's go see what the beach looks like.

**So we were sitting at the Brazil cafe on La Rambla when our waiter started yelling at this woman to leave. She was sitting on a potted plant next to our table. We didn't know what was going on until he walked over and told my friend to pick her backpack up and place it on the chair. The woman denied that she was going to steal the backpack and the waiter caused a bit of a commotion but it was clear that she was only sitting there to swipe the bag. I wondered if we'd have even noticed. The waiter apologized for the shouting and told us that he sees it all of the time. We thanked him for lookin' out. As you walk around town, you notice a lot of people wear their backpacks in front of them. I guess the pickpocketing is pretty rampant here. Fortunately, there's nothing in my pockets to take. Even if you reach in real deep, you probably won't find anything. ::sad face:: j/k kids.


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  1. # Blogger Kat

    Finally got around to having a look at your blog. See you have included the "big beer" photo and the sad accompanying tale. I arrived back home with all my possesions and no money (but only because I spent it). Now I have to live vicariously through your travels as I will be homebound in Canada for awhile until I scrape up enough cash and find an overseas teaching position.. maybe January. Would love to hear from you.  

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