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Dreams and Dreams

The other day I was thinking a lot about dreams as I sat and had lunch at VIPS in Madrid. First, there was the dream I'd had at night. I had returned to the States and for some reason I was showing my brother an RV that I had apparently bought before going on my round the world trip. I think I'd bought it to do a cross-country trip. I was telling my brother that I'd probably sell it now that I was in heavy debt from the world trip. Plus, it hadn't even been used. The sewage tank was still clean. I even had to remind him not to take a dump in the bathroom. And then my brother's wife came in to inspect the RV. Seems that she was some sort of police officer. She asked me for the dimensions of the vehicle. Odd. That's the kind of dream I have when revellers are screaming out on the street in the middle of the night.

Then there are my life dreams. I realized that I've been pretty successful at making some major dreams come true in my life. Working for Disney. Traveling to foreign countries. The thing is, the timing's always seemed to be off and dreams in reality are too tied to reality to resemble the experience you imagined in your head years prior. Years. It takes time for things to come into fruition. I never know when opportunities will arise and I never know when I'll be moved enough to seize them. But I'm a patient young man.

And of course, there are my countless daydreams. I don't know how else I'd get through the day without them daydreams.

I'm in Sevilla now. Kinda sleepy. Soon I'll go hunting for food and go get lost in the city. Tonight, me and some hostel mates will catch some Flamenco dancing. Brilliant.


5 Responses to “Dreams and Dreams”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    "I realized that I've been pretty successful at making some major dreams come true in my life. Working for Disney. Traveling to foreign countries."

    Tony, you had it all wrong. First of all, working after you've graduated is a natural progression for everybody. Second of all, travelling to foreign countries is not an accomplishment, by any stretch of any imagination. Finally, it is far better to have family and friends congratulating you on your accomplishments. You are just deceiving your own self into thinking that you have actually accomplished anything. Think about it, you have to agree that we are right.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous


    As a representative of both family and friends, let me congratulate you on having the courage to travel the world. It is most certainly an accomplishment, and one that takes courage. More than anything it forces you to come face to face with yourself. From there you can be something genuine. Thank you for sharing your journies, both global and internal, with us all.

    I'm sure you've stopped listening to this snivelling twit by now. As should we all. Anonymous is either jealous beyond comprehension because they lack the courage to set aside parental expectations, fear, greed, penis size and get out there and find, become, be who they really are. Or they're a pirate trying to ride your site for their own publicity. The longer this fool goes on the more he becomes the meaningless buzzing of flies.

    To Anonymouse(Yes, I spelled it that way on purpose you tiny rodent): If you're doing something so great with your life, put up a site of your own and show us your value. One of the great lessens in history is that NO ONE has ever succeeded in making themselves bigger or better by trying to pull others down. Either show us something of yourself, or shut the fuck up.

    John (Carol wouldn't approve of the last sentence)

    P.S. More funds to come on real soon.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    We like to post it as anonymous because it is easier for us without the hassle of registering.

    Leah - Lawyer
    Hoang - Dr.

    UCI (Tony knows who we are)

    And we are not putting him down. We are just critical of him; and hope that he can be inspired for greater things in life. Best!  

  4. # Blogger Tony

    Hoang!? YOU!? The guy who asked for our RA's mother's photo? I could strangle you right now. I've started to completely ignore these comments about whether what I'm doing is right or wrong. Your views are interesting but you have no grasp of where I'm coming from and what my journey is all about.

    Where'd you come from anyway? I haven't seen you since Will's wedding.

    John, thank's for backing me up. I've reached a point in my journey where I've stopped second-guessing my decisions due to the views of blog readers. People still fail to see that travel is a completely different sort of education. If I had quit my job at Disney and gone back to school to become a lawyer or something 'prestigious' no one would be harping on me about that decision. And it would have cost me twice as much. I never dreamed of being a lawyer or a doctor. Could I be one or the other. Certainly. Humans are capable of incredible things and I've seen evidence of this on my travels. Great pieces of art, great acts of kindness, and sadly great atrocities towards our fellow man.

    So to you Hoang and Leah, I say simply,  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.  

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