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I got an email from Kat, a friend I met in Spain who was on quite a journey around the world of her own. She asked me how I was feeling and this spewed out... sounds like a blog rant so I thought I'd share:

Well, when I was about to land in San Francisco and reflected on the journey I was about to complete, I felt like I had done something pretty amazing. I was pumped up, thinking that I proved to myself that I could do some incredible things. I just needed to go out and try.

The next day, I felt a bit exhausted and suffocated by the life that I left behind (employment, boxes of stuff...). It seemed to all be sitting there waiting for me to deal with. But I'm looking at it and thinking, why does THAT have to be life?

It's just frustrating because this is what we were taught or trained to believe we needed to have a 'normal' life. I still want all of these nice things... I want the nice home, stylish furniture, tv shows in HD. But I keep asking myself whether there's another way to go about it all.

I really think I have this incredible freedom right now to continue going out there and doing something different. It's just the debt that's weighing me down. Fortunately, I planned accordingly and bought myself some time if I want it. What I need is to get the blood flowing again. I wish I could go for a run but there's a gruesome sound of cartilage or something funny going on in my knee.

What I may look into doing is spending some time with a non-profit. My friend Valentina (who let me crash on her flat in Paris at the start of my trip) has found herself with a new challenge in West Africa. She's trying to raise the funds for a promotional video to raise awareness for the Niapele Project, which aims to bring education, nutrition, and health care to the 600+ children of the Buduburam refugee settlement in Ghana. The project hopes to help provide these kids with a sustainable future. Val and her friend's Ayoka Productions is taking tax-deductible donations for their trip to Africa to shoot the film.

If you're in the giving mood and would like to do something positive today, head over to Ayoka's Paypal donation page or learn about the Niapele Project.

5 Responses to “Dealing”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hi Tony !
    I think your blog "Dealing" sounds like a Robinson
    possibility blog and that is great. I like the part about a nice house and nice furniture and things, but what about the person who teaches frogs to sing ? You seem to have met a lot of friends abroad, are you looking for that teacher? I would bet that it is as about as challenging as your around the world trip and will cost about the same if you take the challenge. It can be some what as scary as
    the start of a world trip, however the rewards
    ( ie Wilber or ____?) are priceless. I think you should modify the blog to Tony's Life and donate to
    Tony / Teacher dinner fund in the USA. Thanks for all of the cool images and insights you had via your blog.
    W. Robinson  

  2. # Blogger Tony


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Too cryptic?? If you are similar to Lewis and the person who teaches the frogs to sing is Franny and she is the
    "missing piece" in Lewis's life as compared to a friend who thinks of you as a brother, then for Wilber to exist
    you have to spend a fair amount of money taking them to nice places above and beyond In & Out Burger joints, for them to be impressed, or you can be a great chef and prepare cool meals at your place like Emril or Bobby Flay. Yes you can start out with In & Out, however you need to move on to California Cafe and the Chart House or I will never exist. Some people who have brothers or sisters who have kids
    don't always feel the need to bring someone special into this world such as myself ( especially with all that is going on in the world today ) however I think life would be lonely, boring, and dull going it solo and even if you find Franny there are some people who choose not to have children and maybe that is a good choice for them only the person making the choice knows.

    To put it in plain English I am asking are you looking for someone who is serious about dating and looking for someone of the opposite sex who is also serious about dating and possibly getting married and having children like Charley? Or is this too much to think about at this time?

    And that is why I suggested that you should set up a USA Tony / Some Date -Dinner fund which people from around the world could donate too and
    they could see you at the Chart House in Dana Point with some cute Franny from France or Hawaii.
    If this is too much or you are not interested in this
    then I apologize for my suggestion, however from the movie "Missing Pieces" it looks like you want to head somewhere or maybe you were just hired as an actor and that was all. Oh well-only you know the answer and maybe you want to keep that private and not put out in a public blog where that unique person from Irvine can get Charley (and me too) all riled up and frustrated.
    W. Robinson

    PS The origional cryptic message was on purpose and I thought you would be able to figure it out and most would not get it since they don't know the movie that well. Thanks again for working on such a great movie. Aloha!  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm going to drink a few beers and then look back at this blog entry. That was confusing as hell.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Even More Simple

    Is the reason you felt miserable before you left and lonely upon arrival to Hawaii because you don't have a serious and close relationship with a female to share all of your adventures with ? Is "Missing Pieces" about Tony finding the right girl ? Or was Tony just paid to be an actor in the short film? Will you be looking for a serious relationship with a female once you are settled back in the USA? I thought there was a similarity between Tony & Lewis in Meet the Robinsons and no real Franny in Tony's life in the USA or someone real close who wants to be more than just a friend. Why would Tony feel so lonely upon returning to the US with so many people saying we miss you and hope to see you in December or January? Maybe I am hoping for the Disney perfect ending and that doesn't always happen? Only Tony knows and does he really want to share it with everyone on a public blog ( I doubt it ) Sorry to bother you.

    Mr. Simple
    PS- This is my last reply and I'll leave this topic to work itself out. I was just curious? Aloha!  

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