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Lizard With The Mung Bean Feet

Every since arriving in Italy I've felt a little burnt out. There was the luggage fiasco, the long walks in warmer weather, and just an odd malaise. It's been great having Anthonette touring with me. It's given me a bit of time to relax a little. Though I must admit that I've let my guard down a bit and I've lost some focus. I've been trying to sort out some issues of the past while trying to figure out the future. (The switch hasn't seemed to have flipped quite yet)

Yesterday morning I was so twisted up inside I pretty much made us miss the train to Firenze (it's easy to exchange tickets though there's a 3 Euro fee). I thought a fruit cup would cheer me up but even that turned out crumby. I did enjoy catching up on the beginning of the third season of Battlestar Galactica on the train. Great show.

Once we checked into Camp Michelangelo in Florence (after a harrowing bus ride around the city), I took a much needed nap. I woke up feeling much better, albeit very hungry. We watched a bit of the sunset from Piazzela Michelangelo up the street before heading into town to track down Tratorria Anita. I had a feast, courtesy of my buddy Phil. We had a bunch of laughs and I was in the mood to sing silly songs as we walked from piazza to piazza. We came upon Piazzadella Signoria and listened to a band while checking out Neptune's Fountain and the spot of the Bonfire of the Vanities, the burning of works of art in 1497.

I was feeling a little more invigorated again. My focus was coming back. Today I remembered that my life is in my own hands, I can direct it anywhere I'd like, do practically anything I want. As a follower of the world spirit, I want to inspire, educate, and help my fellow man and I think I will receive the same in return.

Random bits:
-At Termini train station in Rome, there's a water shop that sells at least 41 different types of water.

-A lot of the toilets in Italy have crappy design (pun intended). In the States, I'm used to this nice pool of water that catches our waste and submerges the smell. In Italy, the pool of water is like two inches deep and positioned outside of the "target" area so to speak. This means, that not only is the waste not submerged but it also just smears up the inside of the bowl. Even though the flush is pretty strong, there's often residue. I've even been to hostels where there's a sign reminding you that there's a toilet brush to be used as a courtesy to others. Blech.

-Florence seems to have a lot more girls traveling in packs through it than the other places I've visited in Italy. Sweet.


6 Responses to “Lizard With The Mung Bean Feet”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    It is said that traveling will liberate you and make you more wise. But this is clearly a bad principle if the goal of that person is to be happy, for no one can be genuinely happy until he or she has learned to make personal sacrifices through dedication and commitment.

    Often, people will go as far as another planet trying to be inspired and wishing to be changed through their journeys; however, what they seek can never be found because true inspiration is neither a place nor time in a place. Inspiration is something lies within you; and What you have been seeking all along is right there before your very eyes--you were just too busy to notice it.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Yes, your travels are important, but I am ecstatic to hear you are a Battlestar Galactica watcher (I had to delete "BSG" so as not to reveal my citizenship in dorkdom/nerdville). An amazing show.
    Speaking of flipping switches, I have had one of my own flipped recently. I now love the posts written by your biggest fan(s), the UCI grad(s) that go(es) by "Anonymous," "A Critical Guy," and "UCI." (I am being facetious by suggesting that multiple people comprise the identity). Bravo chap!
    Today's post almost made me fall out of my seat with laughter. I almost woke up my son at 2am. My employer is always looking for good writers and I might just submit this post as a sample. Once the bosses see the style, I am sure they will contact him immediately.
    If you can't tell my favorite part, it goes: "Often, people will go as far as another planet trying to be inspired..." To which I ask, dear child, how often? Tell me, o wise one, how many people do you know who have traveled to new planets? And of those, how many did it for inspiration? As a consolation, you can count those that have been on the moon.
    Oh sure, you can say that you meant to replace "will" with "would be willing to," but that wouldn't be as much fun, would it?
    Why must you try so hard when you fail so readily? Don't you get discouraged? And forget an attempt to say that real friends must persevere to impart wisdom upon their beleaguered brethren, forging past the venomous counsel the would-be Iagos spew with their forked tongues. (Was that close?) Blah blah. Maybe you need a journey like Tony's.

    Your pal,


  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    My intention was not to abase Tony. I simply say that his travel is not a prescient one. I only fear that Tony will continue down the path of genetic proclivity to develop habitual laziness. Further to demonstrate that he will shirk at the first sign to take action as long as you guys continue to feed him with wild imaginations. Supporting him, in this manner, is the same as contributing to his professional demise.

    I received words that your old college roommate, Chuck, is getting married.

    By now, I pray you will have conquered all your adolescent fears. I hope that your trip is an augury of good things to come. May the next 30 years of your life be as bright as the stars above you.  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    UCI = repetitive.

    repetitive = boring.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    For Scott G.
    The devil tells the truth once in awhile because if he doesn't how else would you catch him lying.

    And if you dance with the devil, the devil does not change the devil changes you.  

  6. # Blogger Tony

    Seriously, boring dude. Go comment on Shin's blog.  

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