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Julian and I took a long walk around Berlin today. Unfortunately, I got a little upset stomach. Julian suspects the Turkish salami we had for breakfast. Guh. The city was beautiful though with rainbows and amazing light painting the skies. We also stopped for some pizza at Piccola Italia, courtesy of Nik. I napped the rest of the evening and woke up late to try to rearrange some future travel. I've given myself an additional week in Italy and I leave India earlier. After 40 minutes on the phone with United, we still couldn't figure out how I could stay in Greece for a longer time. I'm hoping I can work something out later. There's also some talk of a possible visit to Pakistan but who knows.

For now, I sleep for a few hours.

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20 Responses to “Tired”

  1. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Such licentious exploits of your talent, Tony. And Charley, to excel in school one needs to be devoted to prolonged and concentrated study. You obviously did not help your parents to inculcate Tony these valuable qualities in life. There is time to travel around the world, only after one has established himself in the professional world.  

  2. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Tony: knowledge opens the mind…travel expands it. My idea of knowledge comes from books; yours from traveling around the world. My idea of a good vacation is reading “The Davinci Code”; yours camping out in Berlin, Germany. That’s how we are different.  

  3. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Hey idiot. Not everyone needs to go to school in order to be and feel successful. College isn't necessary for many professions and passions. You may need school to feel complete but many do not. Maybe you should concentrate on your own dull life. You are starting to bore me. Although many of my fellow counterparts think that your droll words are ridiculously redundant and ignorant.

    So yes you are entertaining all of us that didn't need school to feel successful. I think if you really knew our family that you would come to realize that we find success and happiness elsewhere. I don't think on my death bed that I'm going to regret that I didn't concentrate more on studying and becoming a Family Practitioner. My life will reflect on the lives I have touched and saved. Talk to me when you have done as much as I have in my short time here on earth. I doubt you will come close.

    Reading the Davinci Code? Come on, it was fabricated and not that good of a book. But I'm sure you are part of the Oprah book club and have probably started the Secret. And I didn't need to attend Graduate school until after I traveled the world and didn't need prolonged and concentrated study. And I'm sure you wouldn't have been able to accomplish what I have under my circumstances. I had fun in college, partied, got laid, and graduated. All this while raising and supporting a family. See one has to learn how to balance life out. Why are you so jealous of Tony? Don't say that you aren't, because you are compelled to write comments and follow up with his travels. You are somewhat obsessed. You might even envy his individuality and passion for travel. Actually I believe this so. In addition, I probably make more $$$ than you without the debt you have incurred and have more time off than you. And I didn't need to waste 8 - 10 yrs to do it. What mark will you make on this world? What have you created? I'm tired now and you haven't the courage to even call.

    Oh yeah, eat a dick.

    Still no balls to call me though, huh? Perhaps you can't thumb through the Thesaurus fast enough while talking.

    Brother Charley commenting from Oaktown biotch!  

  4. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I think we have inculcated Tony with a respect and passion for culture and world exploration. Your parents obviously did a number on you. Your pillow must be soaked each night with tears of disappointment that you couldn't steer your own course but had to succumb to your parents desires and aspirations. When you go home to Mommy does she tuck you in and make your plate of food too? Did Daddy touch you funny when you grew up?

    You should see a doctor.  

  5. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Charley, the lack cogent reasoning debilitates your writing. I can say more in a single sentence than you can ever say in a whole paragraph.

    “…I had fun in college, partied, got laid, and graduated.”
    Did you mean that you’d committed adultery while going to college? I am confused.  

  6. # Anonymous Anonymous


    I disagree with you in so many ways. I could just say that I disagree with you in every way, but let me focus on just one for the sake brevity:

    For all of your lexiconical gymnastics I haven't heard you say anything in a hundred sentences. Just a lot of improperly used 'six dollar' word. In the end you have said nothing, and end up sounding like a pompous twit.

    On the other hand, I agree with Charley: You are jealous and a bore. Oh, I forgot intolerant.

    What I would say to Charley, myself and everyone else who has responded to this twit: Let's quit taking the bait. All he wants is to make Tony's blog about him because he's not interesting enough to have a blog of his own. If we stop responding to his childish, pendantic ravings he will blow himself out. Let's stop encouraging the pathetic, and focus on Tony.


    BTW - When you're posting a comment you can choose 'Other' as an identity and add your name instead of all being anonymice.  

  7. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous --

    The irony of promoting brevity by saying "succinct and concise" in your previous comments is too great for my feeble mind. That, coupled with Charley catching you using the Word of the Day, leads me to believe you are unwittingly a comedic genius.

    Smooches, Anonymous!  

  8. # Anonymous Anonymous

    From Roger Ebert's "Answer Man" column. I suspect you will find it apropos, particularly Werner Herzog's statement at the end. Perhaps something to consider as you travel...

    Q. Werner Herzog once said that if you wanted to make films you should skip film school. Instead, you should "make a journey of 5,000 kilometers alone, on foot. While walking you would learn more about what cinema truly means than you would in five years of sitting in classrooms."

    Starting in two weeks, I'm taking up Herzog's challenge and setting out from Madrid with a backpack full of basic supplies and a tiny digital video camera. I'm going to walk all the way to Kiev and make a film of my experiences. I have communicated with Herzog and he has given the project his blessing! Check out my Web site at

    Lee Kazimir, Chicago

    A. I received your message on Feb. 14, 2006, filed it, and intended to follow your journey, but only this week did I check your Web site. Despite illness and other troubles, you made it! Congratulations. Now you are editing a film of your trek, and write me: "I hope to have a first cut in September to qualify for submission to Sundance and Slamdance. From there, it's a crapshoot, so we'll see."

    Herzog himself, as you know, once walked entirely around Albania, because "at that time, they would not allow you to enter the country." Another time, he carried a print of one of his films from Munich to Paris to deliver it to the dying film historian Lotte Eisner, correctly convinced she would not die while he was en route. However, I am not sure you received Herzog's unqualified blessing. I asked and he responded:

    "Yes, Lee Kazimir asked me for my blessing before he set out on his journey, but I had instant hesitations, and told him so, as he was going to make his voyage a public event with constant messages from him on the Internet, and a support system of sponsors. Traveling on foot was in my understanding a thing you had to do as a man exposing yourself in the most direct way to life, to pura vida, and this should stay with oneself. Anyway, I wished him all the best, but did not accept his offer to walk with him the end of his way, and be filmed and interviewed by him."  

  9. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Consensual sex. Where did adultery come into place. Your mom free?

    Using "other"  

  10. # Anonymous Anonymous


    Tell Leah that she can come over to my place when she is done with Hoang. He sounds boring. Shouldn't he be doing her instead of writing to you? Maybe she's ready for a real man.  

  11. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Charley, didn't you get married then you went back to college to get your degree? So, you had sex with another woman in college when you were married to your wife? Is that what you are saying?  

  12. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I was in college in 89 dumbass.  

  13. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Put your name to your comment and give me a call smart ass.  

  14. # Anonymous Anonymous

    You gonna take that shit Charley? haha . . . someone is now jealous of Charley. This blog is more interesting everyday.

    How's it going Tony? I hope you are having a killer time on your travels. I wish I could be doing it regardless of what anonymous has to say. I'm sure there are plenty of women looking your way too and you don't notice it.

    So be safe out there. This coming from someone that was with Charley before his wife. haha . . .

    Anonymous should get a life!!! :-0  

  15. # Anonymous Anonymous

    What? You slept with Charley too? So Charley is a player? Did you tell his wife about the fact that you slept with him in college?  

  16. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Can't leave a name though.  

  17. # Anonymous Anonymous

    I'm a pussy and can't leave my name because I'm afraid of getting my ass kicked.  

  18. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Anonymous doesn't know me. He/She thinks so but has no clue. You don't have your facts correct. But I'm not hiding behind the internet like a stalker. You're my groupie now whore.  

  19. # Anonymous Anonymous

    This is GREAT! I love this entertainment. That is some crazy fucked up shit you all are putting out there. How did adultry and wives get into the mix? Charley- consensual sex is still cheating if its not with your wife... I know you didnt get married until after college, but havent you been with her since '89? Hmm.... And who is the post from the "other woman"? How cum she is anonymouse too? More updates please. Use your names or a nickname so I can keep the drama straight. My life consists of a very boring job, I am definitely living vicariously through Tonys journey.  

  20. # Anonymous Anonymous

    Like I said before. You don't know me and what my life has consisted of and with whom. Call me up if you have any balls.

    I'm glad you are my bitch on the web. I'll sign an autograph for you later.  

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